Monday, May 26, 2008

Ava snuggled up on her couch with her "peek-a-boo" blanket as she calls it. She has to have three blankets, her pink one, white one, and her peek-a-boo blanket. The pink one I bought, white one was from Nana Millette, and the peek-a-boo was made by Grandma Yohe!

Little Miss Texas herself!!

Baby bird perched in the tree looking quite chunky!!

Baby bird showing off his new wings!
More pictures of our new friend!

My hungry wild baby bird! (the mom wasn't feeding it, it fell out of the tree and I waited a day to see if the mom was feeding it (after helping it get through one night), the poor baby was about to die, but as you can see here, is doing quite well!

Ava showing off the new bows Nana Millette had sent her!